Sunday, April 27, 2014

Monday's Music Moves Me

Music on World off

Welcome aboard our 191st week of "Monday's Music Moves Me"!


I follow you,  follow me!  Now let's ROCK! 
This week's theme is a "FREEBIE"!

Regarding this GREAT NATION'S present state of affairs, I was reminded of a song by Tom Petty, who's had some major conflicts in his OWN musical career.  It's about "CHANGE" and I HOPE you like it!  To put it in my own words:
"You have never heard how hard my heart cries, but you won't see any tears in my eyes"



  1. I wish more people were crying, then maybe they won't elect the same chowder heads (or new ones who are the same) in office. This country is a huge mess with her leadership! Nothing speaks to the heart like a song does, right? Thanks for the reminder through this music.

  2. Tom Petty - cool! I never was one for politics and when you talk to me about that stuff I feel really out of the circle. As I said my world is right here in our home and I LOVE IT HERE thanks to you! YOU ROCK DUDE... always did! I will never have a change of heart I love the world I live in & I don't let many people in, but you & I are King & Queen of our rockin kingdom!

  3. Music Dude-Tom Petty...good choice!
    One thing I can agree on is something needs to change and for the better!
    Nice to see you today, I was wondering when you were going to chime in. ;)

  4. Tom Petty is a fave of my hubby. He liked hearing this again.

  5. Loving that Tom Petty tune! Definitely agree - *something* needs to change! Have a great week! :)

  6. really enjoying that one! been awhile since I listened to some Petty.
    I can't really speak to changes in the USA - being Canadian, but globally I believe it can said: we can all do better and come more from the heart; and less from our wallets.

  7. I'v e heard the name before.

    And I wish people would get some patriotic fire and stand up for their country.