Friday, February 7, 2014

Sounds Like Rain

A collection of poetry and quotes from "the voices":

Sounds Like Rain
©2008 David Moody

The sound of the rain
Outside my window
Puts me into some kind of trance
The cars go surfin’ by
The world is clean again
I want to thank you in advance

The music of the rain
It takes away the pain
And washes down the vinyl siding
I might be insane
But I’m not ashamed
I’m just wondering where these angels were hiding

Sounds like rain
When these angels look down and cry
It sounds like rain
But there’s no point wondering why
It sounds like rain, when it’s really heaven’s tears
For the wasted years

The sound of the rain
From afternoon into the night
Sounds like rain
Not a single dry spot in sight
And it looks
Like the pictures I’ve seen in books
And it feels
Like swimming with electric eels

And I can’t explain why it’s so appealing...
The sound of the rain...or the way I was feeling

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