Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hasbro’s Angry Birds Go, Pirate Pig Attack Game Give-Away 1.01

Jenga / Pirate Pig Attack Game by Hasbro! Launch the Birds to Destroy the PIRATE SHIP! Yes, now children 8+ (players 1-2) can set sail and battle pirate piggies in the new Angry Birds Go! Jenga Pirate Pig Attack Game. /race head to head against your rival to destroy the pirate ship! Slingshot your kart down the slope to capture the victory flag, and take down the deadly PIRATE PIGS! Players can also unlock Angry Birds Go! in-app content with a special code in each pack! Isn't that the coolest!


This ANGRY BIRDS GO! The little guys in your life is going to go hog wild over this one for sure.  They get to build it, and then play because you have to put the pirate ship together by yourself. 2 karts, bird, 5 pigs, 2 launchers, ramp, ship base, left ship frame, right ship frame, left railing piece, center railing piece, right railing piece, 5 cannons, 2 half blocks, II full-sized blocks, mast with a crow's nest, flag with stand, and of course the instructions to put all this together. Oh fun!!! And do you know what the best part is? You can win one right here and today for your little guy too! Woo Hoo! Just enter the rafflecopter below! Aren't you excited? I surely know I am! Hasbro you have done it again for our lil' guys! 

So...  Aye Aye matee, hoist them sails, man the cannons, walk the plank, MUTINY! MUTINY YOU SAY? NOPE, THERE'S NO SUCH WORD IN THIS GAME... It's "Angry Birds GO! "LAUNCH DEM BIRDS & DESTROY THAT THERE PIRATE SHIP! BOOM! BOOM! PIRATE PIG ATTACK GAME!!! TAKE NO PRISONERS! They only want to be in the Lyme light and ham it up!!! ~ snicker-snicker~   ENTER BELOW FOR YOUR LITTLE PIRATE!!!

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