Thursday, December 12, 2013

About me:

Hi, friends…Dave here! Guitarist, vocalist, lyricist, composer, poet, avid roller coaster fan, son of an Advertising man, and now…a blogger!  Some have said I have a way with words, and I like to say as much as possible with few words as necessary.  I do have my opinions, and I’m not afraid to use them – ask any one of my facebook friends…I’m sure they’ll back me up on that.  I still believe in honesty (a “lost art”) in spite of today’s “politically correct” climate, and still find that a good sense of humor can save your sanity…or protect you from it – that’s my life’s unwritten “Sanity Clause”.

Curious as I am, I’m always interested in reviewing new products in today’s market, and will use every social network resource available to “spread the word”.  I naturally possess a unique perspective on life. New inventions are being announced every day, and people should know about them! 

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